From Tumblr: Neechi Rides founder says it’s too dangerous to take cabs in Winnipeg






It’s a one-man ride service for indigenous people in Winnipeg, and while Pernell Flett isn’t asking for money, he is collecting passengers’ stories.

“Some of them tell how cab drivers try to touch them, feel them up and take them places they don’t want to be,” Flett said of the indigenous people he drives around the city.

“A lot of them won’t speak out about it; they’re too scared to say anything about it.”

Flett started Neechi Rides on Dec. 15. It’s a ride service that he offers for free, and it is run out of his own pocket.

“When I watch the news at nighttime and see all the problems … I told my girlfriend, ‘You know what? I’m going to do something about this.’”

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His gofundme only has 30$ right now!

This man needs help in order to ensure the safety of our Native Women living in Winnipeg, and yet, just because he’s offering a safe ride for our Native people, he’s been the target of harassment and threats. We need to support our people who are doing the best they can!

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Winnipeg, Canada???

Yes, Winnipeg, Canada.

Canada isn’t a utopia.

There are serious issues of misogyny, of racism, of inequality in this country.

americans aren’t alone in their participation of mass genocide to their indigenous people.

as a canadian i notice it’s quit common place to sweep these issues under the rug. if we’re not throwing native people in detention camp-like schools, erasing their language and culture or creating reserves with the empty promise of funding and resources (these resources coming from their own land, mind you) then we’re ignoring the fact we ever could have participated in such an act. the media is definitely not one to comment on race issues either because that’s sooo un-canadian: everyone is ‘colour-blind’. -_-

racism is alive and well here, however it’s just wearing a different mask.

Neechi Rides founder says it’s too dangerous to take cabs in Winnipeg


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