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This is a *really good* article that both handles anatomy concerns and presumes zero background makeup knowledge. Well done.

It’s amazing that the cover photo is showing both older women and people of color, something that the media consistently ignores regarding the trans community.



Y’all check out kitestring.io if you aren’t already familiar. It basically sends you a text message at a time you set and if you don’t respond or extend your check in within x minutes, it will send out a message to your emergency contact(s) that you may not be okay.

I plan to keep a sheet of emergency details regarding my date/his information and where I will be on a print out at home and my message will just inform my contact where to find the info. This way I don’t have to tell anyone my business in advance 😅. But for real, this is absolutely genius.

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From Tumblr: Black College Student Reported Missing after Uber ride





The family of a missing Georgia State University college student is asking for the public’s help in finding her.



Photos of 21-year-old Monique Priester were posted on Instagram, and fliers are circulating around the Georgia State campus in hopes of locating her.


Due to the increase of hate crimes today, we need to spread this information, because there might be a chance to save someone!



BOOST!!!!! Really tho!! Last I checked in on this story the police has refused to get involved (as of now) and Uber has said the only way they’ll give up driving records from the ride is if the cops request them. BOOST THIS as much as possible.