Hello my name is Reana and I have less than 24 hours to raise $250 for my abortion. Everything that could have gone wrong this week has. I know a lot of people disagree with abortions but I am an unemployed freshman in college and I’ve made a decision. I would appreciate anything you could donate. Thank you in advance.


Please help!!! All help is appreciated

This has over 200 notes and NO ONE has donated!! How is that possible?? I’m aware some people don’t have the means but how bout sacrifice your $4 latte or $7 burrito or $2 nail polish or even $1 that you’d spend on a Coke and donate it to her! We all seem to have money to buy little unimportant stuff but somehow NO ONE who reblogged this felt they could spare a buck?! Wtf

I was but she deleted it it looks like

GoFundMe shut my page down because they said I’m not suppose to get donations for an abortion. Thank you for trying to support me I appreciate you!

????? what the fuck

If anyone would still like to donate I’ve created a paypal


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