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“ It’s armor. On a woman. It doesn’t have to look feminine.”

If I ever don’t reblog this, it’s because I’m dead.

game devs take note

What a weird impulse. Why would you need it to look feminine? Or masculine? It’s armor to protect your body from death. Not dying should be gender neutral.

It’s an armor and it must protect, not to be femmine.

Video Shows Native Hawaiian Man Severely Beaten by Cop for Praying Next to a Seal



Rice saw an endangered monk seal lying on the beach and believed it was sick, so he approached the seal and sat a few feet away from it. Rice chanted at the seal while rubbing sand on his body and throwing it in the air, attempting to use his mana (energy) for healing.

Volunteers with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recorded the encounter after asking Rice not to approach the seal. They had posted signs saying “Hawaiian Monk Seals: Please do not Disturb.”

The cameraman says, “Call the police” as he films. However, Rice was clearly not trying to harm the seal, and resorting to the police was uncalled for.

After a few minutes, Officer Wang shows up and approaches Rice, gesturing for him to leave the seal. Rice appears to be caught up in his ceremony, which seems to aggravate Wang as he menacingly whips out his baton.

The seal wiggles away from the pair, and Rice, seemingly satisfied at his deed, walks away. The cop wasn’t satisfied, though, following Rice and making demands.

Rice appears full of positivity as he picks up his belongings, perhaps believing that his ceremony helped the seal. He poses absolutely no threat to the officer, but Wang decides to attack Rice anyway.

so let’s review: hawai’ian native does harmless act. “environmentalist” settlers, suspicious of hawai’ians because of paternalistic racism, call in a cop to control the indigenous individual. the individual is brutalized by the cop. and what happened to the seal that was supposedly in danger? nothing.

so what have we learned?
1) indigenous people know what they’re doing. their traditional and innovative practices are valid.
2) settler colonialists, regardless, view indigenous people as an obstacle to total appropriation of the land.
3) settler environmentalists are not there to protect the environment or learn about its history, they are there to promote the interests of white settlers who would like the land to be the inheritance of white people, to be used to white people’s liking.
4) the police are viewed as a weapon against indigenous people. their role in a settler state is to attack the indigenous and defer to the settler.

Ughhhh this is disgusting! This man was not a danger in any way. I’m so tired of this shit!

Video Shows Native Hawaiian Man Severely Beaten by Cop for Praying Next to a Seal