the seven sisters festival is racist and transphobic



trigger warning for transmisogyny and racism (as well as some severe white nonsense)

the seven sisters festival is a ‘womens festival’ in the same vein as Michfest, ie a cis white womens gathering. they have held this three day event for the last couple of years, and it’s only getting worse and worse.

this year, it came out that the festival only accepts trans women who have undergone gender confirmation surgery. (warning for very transphobic language) this is, of course, disgusting on multiple levels, and raises the question – do they plan to be doing checks? do i have to carry a punani pass everywhere with me in case I’m suspected of being a trans woman? or is it just supposed to be a threat?

@black-australia commented on the group event, and was blocked for her efforts.

they have started deleting people’s comments about it, leaving only the good ones about how great the festival is, and some of the transphobic ones.

it gets worse than that. they tout the festival grounds as ‘sacred womens space’ (what the fuck is that?) but they have not asked permission from Indigenous elders for the festival, on top of creating an environment that specifically pushes out Indigenous people through both their transphobia and their general atmosphere. their basket weaving workshop post touts that it will ‘awaken primal feelings’ – because Indigenous traditions are primal, right?

so we did some digging on their page. Oh god I was not prepared.

Native American headdresses. White women painting themselves brown and playing drums. White women wearing saris and ‘tribal’ style clothing. The augmentation of their little white festival with nonwhite traditions, like we’re fucking accessories. 

@yilabil-wawura left the following post on their page, which was swiftly deleted.

they posted it again. no word yet on whether it’s been deleted, but it’s clear that this organisation of white people stands for one thing – other rich, white, cis women at the expense of Black and Brown women, especially Sistergirls and other Black trans identitified people. 

we will not stand for this any longer, the theft and accessorising of our sacred things, our lands and our lives by white people, or the accessorising of anyone else’s cultures and sacred things. We will not stand for the exclusion of any women, regardless of their cultures, or the reducing women to their genitals.

please spread this around. do NOT attend this festival. tell your friends and family not to attend or support this disgusting ‘event’

Nope. This even turned out way grosser than I could have imagined.

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I can’t stress this enough, I don’t care if you think you’re a “gender critical radical feminist” or not, I don’t care if you think you support trans women

If you subscribe to the notions that

  • Trans women can somehow be lumped into a coclass with men in any way shape or form or are part of the class of men in any way shape or form (this includes referring to trans women as male)
  • That trans women are somehow not affected by misogyny
  • That transmisogyny somehow does not exist
  • That trans women somehow oppress cis women of similar other vulnerabilities through misogyny
  • That trans women don’t belong in women only spaces (including bathrooms, shelters, rape counseling, safe spaces, wlw spaces and lesbian spaces)
  • or that trans women are somehow a source of “Man/Male Violence”

Then you’re fucking garbage and I don’t want you interacting with my work, with my posts, with me or anywhere on my dash. I certainly don’t want you following me.

I don’t give a fuck what other things you think we agree on or if you like my funny posts and jokes. I want you fucking gone.


Ceremonial Dagger

  • Dated: mid-19th century
  • Culture: French
  • Measurements: overall length 43 cm

Described as a dagger for ‘esoteric rituals’ the dagger features a straight, double-edged blade with a triple fuller, engraved with floral motifs. The bronze hilt is depicting Death wrapped in a mantle and a snake on the quillon. The wooden scabbard is covered in brown velvet with brass mounts decorated with bas-relieved floral motifs.

Source: Copyright © 2015 Czerny’s International Auction House S.R.L.