From Tumblr: Chicago Officer Who Shot Black Teen 16 Times To Be Charged With First Degree Murder





As Chicago braces for the release of dash cam footage showing officer Jason Van Dyke shooting Laquan McDonald 16 times, the city’s controversial lead prosecutor is expected to charge the cop with first degree murder on Tuesday.

Witnesses say McDonald was walking away from officers last October, when Van Dyke opened fire on the 17-year-old from 15 feet away. Investigators later confirmed the boy was shot at least twice in the back. He was holding a small knife at the time.

Anita Alverez has consistently worked to protect police who murder black people. The only reason she is doing anything now is because she has been forced to by protesters. Fire Anita Alvarez she is as bad as the police murders and rapists, she is actually worse because she consistently protects them so the murderers, rapists and thieves go back on the streets to terrorize black people. She should be tried for genocide.

Was she also in the Rekiya Boyd proceedings too? Or am I tripping?????

she was, and she was the one who filed an involuntary manslaughter charge instead of first-degree murder.

she’s awful. unrepentantly awful.

Chicago Officer Who Shot Black Teen 16 Times To Be Charged With First Degree Murder


From Tumblr: Burger King has made a public statement that Chicago Police entered their store and deleted security camera footage.




In a public statement released today, a Burger King district manager said the Chicago Police Department forcefully entered one of their restaurants and deleted 86 minutes of security camera footage that showed their killing of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald. The footage ran from 9:13 PM to 10:39 PM on the night of October 20, 2014. McDonald was killed at approximately 9:50 PM.




Police officers blatantly murdering people on camera is what happens when you’ve let enough bad cops get off after committing acts that would put the average person away for life.

This guy probably went home and slept well knowing that he murdered someone earlier in the day.

The sociopaths in blue.


You can watch the video here. The final scene is extremely outrageous when the cop kicks a hand of the dying boy.


From Tumblr: Man Shoots at Intruders, Turns Out it was a No-Knock Raid. Now He Faces the Death Penalty








On Friday, May 9, 2014, just after 5:30am in Killeen, Texas, Marvin Louis Guy was the target of a no knock raid.

The officers were looking for drugs, yet none were found in the home.  There was some questionable paraphernalia, but nothing indicative of drug dealing- or anything damning enough for a reasonable person to feel the need to take an officers life.

Likely alarmed by the men climbing through his windows at 5:30 in the morning, Guy and his wife sought to protect themselves and their property and fired on the intruders – in self defense.

Dinwiddie, along with three other officers were shot while attempting to breach the windows to the home, according to the department’s press release.

Since the shooting occurred during the break in, a reasonable person would assume they had not yet identified themselves as police officers.  How on earth is this not self defense?

Prosecutors are now seeking the death penalty against Guy. He is charged with capital murder in Dinwiddie’s death, as well as three counts of attempted capital murder for firing on the other officers during the shootout, injuring one other officer. Body armor protected others who were hit.

This is wrong on so many levels… Everything he wanted to do is to save himself, his pregnant woman and their property. That’s what the 2nd amendment was created for. But he’s a black man, and if he had been white NRA supporters would be in the streets protesting his 2nd amendment rights and his right to defend his home.

Hell if he had been white they never would have considered pressing charges.


Justice for Martin Louis Guy!

Bust it.

Here’s the petition “Please drop the Capital Murder and Attempted Murder charges against Marvin Louis Guy for the shooting death of Officer during a No-Knock Raid at his Home”.

What the fuck is a no-knock raid??? They shouldn’t be allowed to do that!

A No-Knock Raid was practice that was implemented during the War On Drugs. There are “legal” parameters for it. General speaking it is ineffective and has a strong likelihood of civilians getting shot. Michelle Alexander’s book The New Jim Crow explains it better than I can

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