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So the clpp conference was great, the workshops were really informative and I wrote alot during and after. I live tweeted some of it, though some of the speakers were less  comfortable with being referenced, so I kept those notes to myself. My favorite was the Masculinities panel on Saturday. The panelists were clever and insightful, and gave an eyeopening talk about a wide variety of masculine identities. I attended the workshop with a dudely friend of mine and had a lot of fun talking about it afterwards.

The twitter feed was great, I recomend everyone check it out, especially with how difficult it is to get to everything at once. There is always an interesting workshop or something going on the same time as a speaker I have to see. You can follow attendees with the hashtag #CLPP2012, I have also seen alot going out on the hashtag #CLPP, so check both. Attendees are tweeting highlights and also their own observations, its a great supplement to the conference itself.

I also saw a senior art show while on campus that used the imagery of public mourning from the death of Selena in the 90’s. I spent some time explaining the event that was Selena to the folks I was with and rembering as a result Gloria Estefan and The Miami Sound Machine. I was reminded that I am a bit older than everyone else else, but it was a good time. Also ate some good food and lost my favorite sweater, so it was an eventful weekend even after the conference.

EDIT: I wanted to add this video I found of one of my favorite speakers from the conference, it is located at Questioning Transphobia. There is a transcript included at the bottom, too.


CLPP Conference tomorrow!

The CLPP conference is an annual social and reproductive justice conference held at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA. It goes all weekend startin tomorrow afternoon and I am super excited to be going with some friends. I will blog it and I will probably be predominately updating on twitter while I am there. YAY!