Right here in Ithaca this story just came out. I went to NYC for work friday and on the way back someone was alerted on their phone. It has since been covered on Feministing and I am sure many other places. Everyone I was with was most disturbed by the post procedural testing involved, seeing it as a molestation, it is yucky, but I was still having a hard time getting past the basic stuff.
A urologist, for one thing, has no business cutting away things that in no way hinder the functioning of the urethra, or medically endanger the patient. There is also the myth of normal sexual development. These girls wouldn’t be able to develop “normally” because they don’t have petit, feminine sex organs. No one is shortening the shafts of penises when they are outside of normal size. Normal is an excuse here. What would better serve these children is a simple concern for there happiness and control of there own bodies.
Would the women these girls will become be happier with ladylike, neat little vaginas after unnecessary surgery and memories of long sessions of genital manipulation from Dr. Poppas, or might they be better off remaining blissfully unaware of the hateful, rigid way that some view what they should look like until they are old enough to make a choice themselves. Many children grow into what originally look like outsize body parts, and many women today have very happy, fufilling and by all accounts “normal” sexual relationships despite or because of their large, beautiful, naturally given clitorises.


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