And the world looks a little worse…..

This article at the nation details a newly acknowledged phenomenon where some men in relationships with women use our unique susceptibility to pregnancy to control their partners. They sabotage or refuse to use birth control, then force abortions or childbirth, sometimes both.
Seriously, guys, wtf? This makes me sick. Literally, it was hard for me to continue the article. With all the ways that hetero relationships can be a hellscape of victim blaming, gendered violence and general abuse, there is this. Shit like this is tragically made worse by the widely held belief that all women are itching to trick men into fatherhood. So when a young woman becomes pregnant, much of the world assumes the very worst of her. She will be seen as a liar or a slut, stealing seed to imprison a man or to steal from the state.
Men’s culture magazines like details have been selling the idea that women unfairly control sex and reproduction, and MRA groups have been lobbying to take away any rights women do have. Never is the fact that all the real physical, emotional and social risk lies with the pregnant woman taken into consideration. Men should not have the right to decide how and when to carry a child, because obviously they will never have to carry a child. That is 9 months to a lifetime out of someone else’s life, and a significant risk to someone else’s safety. It is ridiculous to say that the provider of the sperm and possible future father or financial partner should be able to impose or forbid that.
Beyond any semi legitimate argument about parental rights, this is strongly linked to domestic abuse. The men in these relationships will uses violence or threats to get their way.
None of this would be able to get to this sort of scale if we were serious as a nation about supporting education, reproductive freedom and respect between men and women, or about not putting up with violence and misogyny in our young men. This is seriously destructive and hateful behavior, and it can and needs to be stopped.


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