So I got sick right after the show but the Vagina Monologues was AWESOME! I went with a Professor and a friend of mine and it was a really good time. There was a devastating last section but there were also the standard really funny parts and I bought some vagina shaped lollipops afterword.
ps So I have been watching Bart Stupak and company being unyielding douchebags for a while now, then I see today this link persuasively arguing that he is most likely lying about votes in the threats he has been using to muscle reproductive restrictions into the healthcare reform bill. Also, though it is not directly his doing I also feel like I have to mention this, a bill recently on the table in Utah that would criminalize miscarriages with possible life in prison for the woman. These are measures that are embarassingly clear about the intention to keep women as breeding stock.


Vagina Monologues this weekend! I am excited and going saturday. should be awesome.